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Triple Creek welcomes you to our website!  We breed, raise, train and show Laverack ("show style") English Setters.  Our dogs are bred for the show ring and as a family companion.  Our quality dogs are lovingly home-raised in Lawrence, Michigan.

About Us

About  Us


Triple Creek  is owned by George and Rosemary Wheatley.  We are located in Lawrence, Michigan, which is about 3 hours east of Chicago, Illinois, and about 3 hours west of Detroit, Michigan.  


     We purchased our first English Setter in 1987.  Rosemary wanted a show dog and had looked at several breeds, and George wanted a hunting dog.  George was given an English Setter back in the 1960's, when game birds were abundant and hunting was popular in Michigan.  He loved that dog and never forgot him.  Duke was an intelligent, beautiful, and a loving friend.  These words describe the English Setter to a "T".


Tripp Facebook Profile pic2_edited.jpg

     After visiting several English Setter breeders and researching the breed, Rosemary agreed that it was the breed for us.  Over the years, we continued to show and purchase our English Setters from breeders who were consistently producing champions.  Now, we are showing breeding, and producing champions ourselves.  We are AKC Breeders of Merit, as well as members of the English Setter Association of America (ESAA).

     On a more personal level, we both spent most of our working careers in data processing management.  George left the industry after thirty years in order to start a new endeavor---farming!  We both worked for a bank before that, and banks were being purchased and merged like crazy.  Data processing jobs were the first to be cut, so we knew our turn was just down the road.  Knowing what the future held, Rosemary suggested farming (George's dream job since he was 10 years old).  Well, George fought the idea "tooth and nail" with pure "Star Trek Spock" logic for exactly 1.5 minutes, and then he said, "Let's do it!"  Well, after several years and much research, we bought the farm, literally, in Michigan and all the farm equipment, where we grew corn and soybeans.

     The 400-acre farm has paid for itself, but not for the lifestyle we wanted to sustain, so we needed to continue to have income outside of the farm.  Rosemary maintained her data processing career so that we could have the lifestyle that we wanted.

     The past several years for us - - like for many folks - - have been more than interesting.  George had hoped he would spend all his days on the farm and Rosemary would retire early from her job as soon as possible to help out, but she was downsized (as we expected) six times (not expected!) over ten years.  Downsize number three gave us a small home in Indiana that we purchased when Rosemary worked in downtown Chicago for five years.  The house was only an hour and a half from the Michigan farm.

     The last downsizing put us in Wisconsin, a really nice state, for almost 5 years.

     And then in 2007, Rosemary was able to land an IT management job in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a major regional retailer, so we came back to the Michigan farm for good.  We sold the Wisconsin and Indiana homes, and after working for the Grand Rapids retailer for 10 years, Rosemary retired in 2017.  And now we are focused on showing English Setters and fishing in Lake Michigan.

     If we have learned anything over the past several years, it is that things change.  If you stay flexible and you are willing to bend when that wind blows in an unexpected direction, things will work out OK!

The English Setter

The  English  Setter


MALES: HEIGHT -- 25 to 27 inches; WEIGHT -- 65 TO 80 pounds

FEMALES: HEIGHT -- 23 to 25 inches; WEIGHT -- 45 to 55 pounds


ORANGE BELTON (White with orange markings)

BLUE BELTON (White with black markings)

TRI-COLOR (White with black markings, with orange over the eyes, on the muzzle and on the legs)

OTHER (There are several other less common colors such as lemon, liver, etc.)


Our dogs are the show type (Laverack) English Setters.  Another type of English Setter is the field type (Llewellyn).  The show type is larger in size, has more hair, is more laid back, and is prettier (we think!).  The mature field type of English Setter grows to be about the size of a six-month old show-type of English Setter; in other words, it is much smaller.  Since the field type was bred specifically for hunting, it has less hair, its tail is usually held erect, and it can be considerably more active into its mature years.  Below are photos of how a typical field type and show type of English Setter appear:

llewellyn1 v1.jpg

Field type English Setter (Llewellyn)

Dixie Show2 050210.jpg

Show type English Setter (Laverack)

LIFE SPAN -- Approximately 12 years

TEMPERAMENT -- Excellent family dog.  Good with children and other pets.  Not an excessive barker as a rule, but will bark at strangers and unusual noises, without being aggressive.  Puppies are very active (but not off-the-wall) until about two years of age.

HEALTH -- Some cases of deafness, hip dysplasia, cancer, and hyphothyroidism do occur.  The breeder you select should have a BAER test done on the puppies to test their hearing, and an OFA hip x-ray of both parents (done at 2 years of age).

EXERCISE REQUIREMENTS -- All breeds need exercise.  A fenced yard is best.  Walking around the block is great for everyone.  You will love the feeling when people stop and stare at your dog and ask you about your breed.  It's the best ice-breaker known to man in order to meet new people.  Two English Setters playing together also provide great exercise for themselves, and are a joy to watch.

GROOMING -- Hair needs to be brushed once a week (minimum) in order to control shedding and matting.  More brushing is required in the spring when the winter coat is being shed.  Purchase a trimming shears and clippers from a pet store or pet catalog (such as, and start trimming the excess hair on the head, neck, back and paws.  Leave the hair long on the backs of the legs, chest, belly and tail.  You can't hurt the hair; if you cut off too much, it will always grow back.  The puppy will fidget a bit at first--just patiently work with it.  Soon the pup will quiet down and you will be an expert.  The sooner you start grooming your puppy, the sooner it will get used to the process.  Your breeder can help you with the grooming instructions.  An excellent DVD on show-grooming Your English Setter can be obtained from the Kettle Moraine English Setter Club.  The web address is:

Here's a basic diagram of grooming your non-show English Setter:

Grooming Your English Setter.jpg

NEUTERING/SPAYING -- Should be done at 18 months to allow bone growth to be complete.  Check with your veterinarian.

MISCELLANEOUS -- People own English Setters for their beauty and temperament.  This breed is part of the family and needs to be with the family, not tied to a doghouse outside.  This breed was bred to bird hunt all day and sleep at your feet as you read the newspaper by the fireplace in the evening.  A true companion for the human spirit!

MAJOR NEGATIVE REGARDING THIS BREED -- If allowed to sleep on the bed, this breed takes it half out of the middle!

RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL RESOURCES - - The Central Carolina English Setter Club has a fantastic English Setter e-course available for free.  Go to and on the bottom of the left side of the Home Page, click on "English Setters 101 - Part 1 and Part 2".  This is an invaluable resource!

FINAL NOTE -- Despite the best efforts of the best breeder, things go wrong.  Puppies do develop physical problems, just as humans do.  Your chances of obtaining a healthy animal that will be with you for years are better when working with an experienced, respected breeder.  They know the history of the puppy you are interested in, and can answer your questions.  Talk to several breeders until you feel satisfied.  Shop!

Bill of Sale/Agreement



Outlined below are the steps Triple Creek has taken to help ensure you are purchasing a healthy English Setter, including our warrantee, and what a puppy purchaser's responsibilities are to maintain that warrantee. We also ask that our puppy purchasers sign this agreement.


Triple Creek's Steps:

  • Puppies’ dew claws are removed prior to five (5) days of age.

  • Puppies are given their first vaccinations (Distemper/Adenovirus Type 2/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus/Hepatitis) at six weeks of age. Puppies in our possession for longer than 8 weeks of age are given their additional puppy shots at the appropriate times (health record supplied with puppy).

  • Puppies receive one (1) dose of Bordetella vaccine to help prevent kennel cough.

  • Puppies receive worming medication.

  • Puppies' hearing is BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) tested and the results are disclosed to the purchaser.

  • Puppies are microchipped for permanent identification.

  • Puppies sold as show quality will receive a full AKC registration form.

  • Puppies sold at the non-show puppy price receive an AKC limited registration form. Limited means the puppy can be shown in any AKC event EXCEPT for conformation shows, and any offspring of the puppy cannot be registered with AKC.

  • Triple Creek will reimburse to the purchaser twenty-five dollars ($25) toward the spay/neuter of their pet. A spay/neuter form signed by your veterinarian attesting to the spay/neuter, including the vet's verification of the microchip, must be received by Triple Creek in order to receive the reimbursement. Spaying/neutering should occur when the puppy is 18 months old to allow bone growth to be complete.

  • The sires and dams owned by Triple Creek have had their hearing BAER tested and certified.

  • Their hips have been x-rayed and have received OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification.

  • All animals owned by Triple Creek receive an annual veterinary exam.

  • Animals being shown receive Bordetella vaccine every six (6) months; all others receive Bordetella vaccine annually.

  • All sires and dams are tested for Brucellosis (sexually transmitted disease) and are certified Brucellosis-free.

  • Sires' and dams' DNA are registered with AKC.

  • Sires and dams owned by other kennels, that are utilized by Triple Creek in our breeding program, must have an OFA certification, Brucellosis exam, and receive annual veterinary care.


Triple Creek's Health Guarantees

BOTH SHOW AND NON-SHOW PUPPIES: Triple Creek warrants the health of your puppy for the first five (5) days of ownership.  In that timeframe, if a veterinarian determines that the puppy is in poor health or detects a physical issue requiring extensive treatment, Triple Creek will take one of the following steps:

  1. Depending on availability, Triple Creek will replace the puppy immediately. The owner must return the puppy to Triple Creek.

  2. Or Triple Creek will refund the full purchase price of the puppy plus 50 percent of the vet fee up to $500.The owner must return the puppy to Triple Creek.

  3. Or if the owner prefers to keep the puppy, Triple Creek will refund 50 percent of the vet fee up to $500.


Routine care is not refundable or reimbursable.


Issues that arise because of the purchaser's actions or inactions at any time are not warranteed at any level.


Our English Setters are family dogs and should be with the family. Purchasers who plan to raise and house their animal as an "outside" animal need to find another breeder. Triple Creek will not warrantee an "outside" animal.


SHOW PUPPIES: Triple Creek will provide show quality puppies to the purchaser only if the puppy has the conformation and temperament such that we would keep it for our own program. Not all puppies born to show parents are show quality puppies.

Triple Creek warrants that show puppies will be able to receive an OFA certification number for their hips. If the show puppy does not pass the OFA hip review, the purchaser will send a copy of the x-rays to Triple Creek. Triple Creek may select a veterinarian to provide a second opinion of the hip x-ray with the possibility of performing another set of x-rays.  If the second x-ray passes the OFA review, the Purchaser is responsible for the cost.  If the second x-ray does not pass the OFA review, Triple Creek is responsible for the cost.  Triple Creek will provide a full money back guarantee of the puppy’s purchase price or a free replacement of the dog after we have received the second failing OFA evaluation report.

If a show male puppy’s testicles do not descend by six months old, the puppy buyer has the option of keeping the puppy and receiving the difference in price between a show and non-show puppy, or the puppy buyer can return the puppy to Triple Creek and return a full refund for the puppy price.

Purchaser's Responsibilities:


  • Purchaser must have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within five (5) business days of receipt of the puppy in order to receive our guarantee. This veterinarian visit will consist of (but not be limited to) a physical exam, routine vaccinations, and a stool sample evaluation.

  • A rabies vaccination must be received by 4 months of age. Check with your veterinarian, since state laws vary on the date a rabies shot must be given.

  • Annual veterinarian visits, including vaccinations, must be routine. Failure to provide this veterinarian care nullifies Triple Creek's responsibilities toward the purchaser.

  • Purchaser must provide signed documentation from a veterinarian for any and all claims to Triple Creek.

  • Puppies must be registered with AKC. Purchaser will give to Triple Creek (at the time of purchase) a check made out to AKC for the AKC registration and microchip registration. Triple Creek will mail the registration form and fees to AKC. All puppies' registration names will begin with "Triple Creek".

  • The purchaser must contact Triple Creek before re-homing their puppy for any reason.  Triple Creek will take back their puppy at any time during its lifespan if the purchaser wants to re-home the puppy.



  • Purchaser will have their show puppy's hips x-rayed and the x-rays sent to OFA after the puppy is two years old but no later than 3 years old. The Purchaser will not breed their animal unless they have received an OFA certification. If the show puppy does not pass the OFA hip review, the Purchaser will send a copy of the x-rays to Triple Creek, and Triple Creek may select a veterinarian to provide a second opinion of the hip x-ray, with the possibility of performing another set of x-rays.  If the second x-ray passes the review, the Purchaser is responsible for the cost of both the second opinion and x-ray.  If the second x-ray does not pass the review, Triple Creek is responsible for the cost.  Triple Creek will provide a full money back guarantee of the puppy’s purchase price or a free replacement of the dog after we have received the second failing OFA evaluation report.

  • The purchaser of a show puppy must keep their puppy’s coat and weight in “show condition” in order to receive any reimbursement from Triple Creek.


Triple Creek will provide any assistance we can in terms of advice on available dog products that we have used, grooming techniques we have tried, and questions in general. Remember, your veterinarian is your friend; utilize them!

We wish you the best of luck in your new adventure with your puppy, and may your pet be a best friend for life!


Triple Creek Representative/Date



This BILL OF SALE documents the transfer of ownership of a male/female show/non-show puppy.


REGISTRATION #:____________________              NAME:___________________________________________


MICROCHIP:  _____________________________________       DATE OF BIRTH: _______________________           


BREED:___________________________________________    COLOR:_________________________________



TO:_____________________________________  OF _________________________________________   for the


amount of _________________ dollars. 


All known medical conditions and current medications are outlined below.  (Please consult your veterinarian.)


CONDITION:      _______________________________       MEDICATION:              ____________________________


                             _______________________________                                      ____________________________


                             ________________________________                                    ____________________________




CURRENT OWNERS:__________________________________________________

                                           George & Rosemary Wheatley




I (we) acknowledge that we have read and understand the above Bill of Sale:


NEW OWNER(s):________________________________________________________

Puppies/Available Dogs


We are planning on a litter of puppies around the summer of 2023 with our Ripley (CH Triple Creek Ripley Believe It Or Not) and our Parker (CH Honey Gait Triple Creek Home Is Where We Park It).


If you are interested in more information about our upcoming litters, please send us an email at


Thank you!

CH Honey Gait Triple Creek Home Is Where We Park It

CH Triple Creek Ripley Believe It Or Not



George and Rosemary Wheatley

Lawrence, Michigan

Phone: 616-560-9681 (Please leave a message)


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